Who We Are?

Who We Are?

Virusewing is a clothing manufacturing company based in Estonia. Our goal is to bring high quality garments, at a price that brings you attractive profit margins.
We provide expert opinion to our clients to ensure total satisfaction of their requirements.
With experience in materials, sizing and branding, we guide you through every step of the process, ensuring no mistakes are made. We work with different companies over the world who all have different manufacturing needs.

What We Do?

  • Manufacturing of standard models in corporate style
  • Development of corporate identity, workwear branding
  • Manufacturing and applying of logos and other brand marks
  • Moderation of fabrics (materials) and the color range of ready-made models
  • Readjustment of the form and design of workwear
  • Individual marking
  • Tailoring of workwear of all sizes
  • Tailoring of corporate and brand workwear according to your samples, description or sketches.

Our Service:

  • Attending the client’s office with samples of clothing and relevant materials
  • Taking measures of the client’s employees
  • Providing a ready-made sample before putting into production a large batch

Production stages:

  • Processing of the request, clarifying the objectives
  • Sketching and design of models
  • Selection and preparation of fabrics, furnishing and accessories
  • Creation of an assembly base
  • Creation of templates and sizing charts
  • Manufacturing of workwear samples and getting the client’s approval
  • Launch of the production

Orders are processed in a period of 3-7 days from the checkout date

Feel free to ask any questions.

  • We build great relationships with our clients, offering general advise for your brand, as well as just your manufacturing needs.
  • We work with high quality materials, highly skilled workers and the most established delivery companies in the world. We will not cut any corners on providing you with a first class service.
  • We offer you an all inclusive price. Our quotes include the garment, the printing/embroidery and delivery from our factory, leaving you with no nasty surprises.
  • The entire production is certified and complies with international standards.

Perks and bonuses

  • A flexible system of discounts
  • Possibility to defer payments
  • Free samples of your oder
  • Express delivery with short turnaround by using your preferred shipping method
  • Tailoring of professional clothing

    Our production meets all the above mentioned requirements to the full extent.

Loyal clients appreciate our thorough understanding of their commercial objectives and how to meet them, while new clients can be assured with our experience and our drive to help you succeed.